Moving beyond Continuous Delivery;
e challenges of Continuous Deployment

On Thursday December 1st, CKC Seminars organized the 3rd edition of the Continuous Delivery Conference in Bussum, the Netherlands.

The Continuous Delivery Conference is initialized to address the many changes that impact how we produce and deliver quality software today. This Conference is set up to help visitors understand where the industry is heading, more effectively achieve the key goals of modern development, and recognize (and overcome) the core challenges they might face along the way.

The central theme of this third edition is:
Moving beyond Continuous Delivery;
The challenges of Continuous Deployment

CDC provides an inspiring day of keynote talks, best practices and hands-on workshops with a focus on questions like:

  • How to enable continuous testing (virtualized infrastructure, mocking, etc.)?
  • How to make DevOps globally (WebOps)?
  • How to automate application release & deployment?
  • How to increase quality?
  • How to decrease time-2-market?
  • How to enable continuous deployment with agile practices?

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Chairman Dr. Frank Simon

Head of Business Development and member of the Executive Board, BLUECARAT

Pavel Chunyayev

Continuous Delivery Architect, Levi9 IT Services

Wesley Pullen

General Manager & Vice President of Deployment Solutions Business, Unit within Electric Cloud, Inc.

Lothar Schulz

Continuous Delivery Team Lead, Zalando

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