On December 7th, the 4th edition of Continuous Delivery Conference will take place
The Continuous Delivery Conference addresses the many changes that impact how we produce and deliver quality software today
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Continuous Delivery Conference

Continuous Delivery Conference postponed to 2018

The 2017 edition of the Continuous Delivery Conference is delayed to 2018

Do you have any ideas for a theme or best practice?
Or do you other suggestions for the program of 2018?
Please contact us via: charlotte@ckc-seminars.nl or +31 (0)40 214 62 09

We hope to see you all in December 2018 for the 4th edition!

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Chairman Dr. Frank Simon

Head of Business Development and member of the Executive Board, BLUECARAT

Pavel Chunyayev

Continuous Delivery Architect, Levi9 IT Services

Wesley Pullen

General Manager & Vice President of Deployment Solutions Business, Unit within Electric Cloud, Inc.

Lothar Schulz

Continuous Delivery Team Lead, Zalando