On December 7th, the 4th edition of Continuous Delivery Conference will take place
The Continuous Delivery Conference addresses the many changes that impact how we produce and deliver quality software today
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Continuous Delivery Conference

Building on the success of last year’s conference, the 4th edition of the Continuous Delivery Conference will take place on December 7th 2017 in ‘t Spant! in Bussum, the Netherlands. 

Mature your Continuous Delivery organization
Internal transformation for external acceleration

Many organizations have implemented Continuous Delivery, or are in the process of doing so. The transformation to a Continuous Delivery organization does still take a lot of time. There are several factors to a successful implementation: organizational, cultural and architectural. Each one requires significant changes in your organization.

On December 7th we will share the common pitfalls of these areas and map the challenges that arise when implementing CD. We will elaborate on the interrelation between the internal transformation of your organization and culture for external acceleration. What will the implementation of Continuous Delivery in large organizations look like in the digital era? What is the right balance between autonomy and governance in companies with multiple teams in addition to the challenges of legacy infrastructure, security concerns and clashing cultural norms? How do you integrate well established quality gates into CD? What practices will be embraced as ‘good’, ‘better, or even ‘best’ ?


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Chairman Dr. Frank Simon

Head of Business Development and member of the Executive Board, BLUECARAT

Pavel Chunyayev

Continuous Delivery Architect, Levi9 IT Services

Wesley Pullen

General Manager & Vice President of Deployment Solutions Business, Unit within Electric Cloud, Inc.

Lothar Schulz

Continuous Delivery Team Lead, Zalando