Program Continuous Delivery Conference 2016

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You can pick up your name badge and program at the registration desk and visit the exhibition. We kindly ask you to have a seat at the main room between 09.00 and 09.15 a.m.


Announcements by Charlotte Verschoor, Project Manager, CKC Seminars
Podium 2


Kick off by Chairman
Podium 2


Dr. Frank Simon, Head of Business Development and member of the Executive Board, BLUECARAT


How Zalando Scaled Continuous Delivery: from Data Centers to the Cloud
Podium 2

In summer 2014, Zalando’s continuous delivery engineering team began brainstorming a distributed approach to infrastructure. We started this conversation after learning from Zalando Tech internal customer feedback that a one-solution-fits-all continuous integration approach no longer worked, given our team’s evolving objectives and business needs. The team adapted the CI infrastructure in place at the time — three central CI servers serving slightly different use cases — into a continuous delivery landscape of multiple CI servers configurable to meet various teams’ specific needs.

In this talk, Zalando Continuous Delivery Lead Lothar Schulz will describe how his team successfully moved from a central, continuous integration infrastructure to a distributed infrastructure. He’ll explain how the team leveraged its existing expertise to develop the first version of its new landscape, and discuss alternative plans the team considered before adopting this approach. He’ll share insights about CloudLobster & CloudKraken, Zalando’s APIs for creating and managing CI instances & agents. Throughout his talk, Lothar will talk about issues encountered along the way and how his team solved and worked around them. He’ll explain why a distributed approach to continuous integration makes sense for a company (+18 million active customers) and tech team (+1300 members and growing) of Zalando’s size.
He hopes that you will be able to use this knowledge to transform your own user feedback into continuous integration solutions that work.

lothar_schulz_spreker_ckc_seminarsLothar Schulz, Continuous Delivery Team Lead, Zalando


Break at the exhibition


Sessions A1 – B1 – C1 – D1 MAKE YOUR CHOICE

A1: The Government in the Fast Lane? – sponsored by XebiaLabs
Podium 8

The SVB is well known about its reliability for social insurances. The business requirements for child benefits and pensions have always been predictable. The SVB comes from a traditional governmental environment without a competitor. The need to improve, to speed up or to excel is therefore not a market issue. The need for continuous improvement derives from shrinking budgets in an ever demanding complexity. This means a change of mind-set. The SVB has started the Continuous Delivery process from bottom up. In this presentation the SVB will talk about that journey and the adventures that are part of that journey. It’s not about the destination it’s about the journey to get there.

david_engberts_spreker_ckc_seminarsDavid Engberts, Scrum Master, Sociale Verzekeringsbank

B1: NS Travelers , Continuous Delivery in a Large chained Enterprise Environment  (using Puppet, Jenkins, Rspec)
Podium 2

Continuous Delivery in large-scale enterprise environment is often limited and locally. You have to operate complex suites like IBM and Oracle and process high impact changes affecting multiple departments / organizations.
We will showcase an event driven continuous delivery pipeline and explain how we handle code changes and on demand platform configurations over several products and application chains.  This is based on the implementation for NS  Reizigers.  For this, we use a combination of Jenkins, Selenium, RSPEC, Puppet aimed at Weblogic, Oracle DB, RedHat linux 5,6 and 7.
Ideal for architects, devops engineers and application change managers.

Robbrecht van Amerongen, Manager  Continuous Delivery, Conclusion
Bert Hajee, COO, Conclusion Enterprise Modules
Dylan Krul, Lead Cloud Architect, Conclusion Mission Critical
Rouke De Jong,  CI/CD Architect, Conclusion

C1: Continuous Delivery in a Micro services environment at HolidayCheck
Podium 9

Continuous Delivery is today the cornerstone of excellent customer experience.
In this talk it will be discussed how, at Holidaycheck, a synergy of technical and organizational
solutions enabled Continuous Delivery in a live micro services environment.
Key topics:

  • Micro services and devops culture to enforce team responsibilities and speed up
    development cycle.
  • Continuous Monitoring and alerting: tools and strategies, to ensure availability,
    reliability and high performances

luca_mazzaferro_spreker_ckc_seminarsLuca Mazzaferro, DevOps Engineer, HolidayCheck AG

D1: Enable the Engineer Via continuous delivery and cloud native
Podium 10

DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Cloud solutions contribute to faster time to market, higher quality and more successful implementations of software. How do these team up to enable the engineer to make changes directly into your production environment? This will dive into multiple of implementing DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Cloud solutions and its pitfalls.

mark_heistek_spreker_ckc_seminarsMark Heistek, Head of Delivery, Container Solutions


Change rooms


Sessions A2 – B2 – C2 – D2 MAKE YOUR CHOICE

A2: Travel guide to continuous delivery
Podium 8

With agile principles and practices reaching maturity, in many organizations the focus for the coming years will be on the next steps. Beyond agile. In fast pace organizations are adopting agile, DevOps, continuous delivery and new architectures such as microservices. Often all at once. Although from a perspective of similarities between these paradigms this makes sense, this also requires for increased collaboration between business, development and operations. During this session, Kim van Wilgen, head of IT at the Dutch insurance company Klaverblad, will give practical insights on their journey to continuous delivery with real-life pictures and stories. She’ll be your guide through the journey to continuous delivery and tell you about the things to do or to avoid. How can organizations deal with the complexity of simultaneously changing architectures, ways of working, technology, and foremost culture? How do we make this journey comfortable and safe? How can we make the business case for continuous delivery? How can we deliver continuous delivery?

kim_van_wilgen_spreker_ckc_seminarsKim van Wilgen MSc, Head of IT, Klaverblad Verzekeringen

B2: Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery within ABN AMRO with Jenkins pipelines – sponsored by CloudBees
Podium 2

How ABN AMRO strategically moved from a project organisation to an agile organisation.
The problems ABN AMRO had were gaps between their Dev and Ops departments, visibility and time in the delivery process and measuring code quality.
What lessons have been learned; increased-time-to-market by automating, cooperation between Dev and Ops departments and what value is added by the CloudBees Jenkins Platform.
stefan_simenon_spreker_ckc_seminarsStefan Simenon, Head of Operational Vendor Control & COE Tooling & COE Software Development, ABN AMRO
Bas van Oudenaarde

C2: Continuous Delivery: how to implement for mobile apps.
Podium 9

Continuous integration processes have reset expectations for application development, especially mobile apps. The ability to receive immediate testing feedback as changes are made to the application, and to instantly pinpoint and resolve errors, has become critical to the success of enterprise and consumer-facing mobility initiatives. Jacques Wouters will give an overview of best practices regarding the unattended execution of mobile test cases from CI systems and address pitfalls to avoid.

Jacques Wouters, CEO, Jamo Solutions

D2: Testing in a Continuous Delivery World
Podium 10

Hey, do you remember when everyone was asking what the role of the tester would be in an agile team? It’s happening again!
And things are changing again. A team that takes on the challenge to release their every commit certainly will take testing seriously. It will need to evolve new ways of testing. It will have new dynamics of testers working with developers. It will find new ways of of interacting with customers, stakeholders and product owners.
In this talk we’ll look at how continuous deployment changes the dynamics of an agile team. How quality moves even more to the center of the stage. How that changes the role of the tester once again. How it changes the role of developers, too. How this practice allows you to put the customer center stage again. And how that, too, has testing competencies at its core. And we’ll not forget DevOps, and how monitoring can be a continuous testing strategy.

wouter_lagerweij_spreker_ckc_seminarsWouter Lagerweij, Founder,


Lunch break at the exhibition


Introduction afternoon program by Chairman


Testing is everyone’s responsibility
Podium 2

Establishing quality is one of the most important and probably the most challenging aspect of Continuous Delivery. In some companies developers and managers still think that ensuring quality is someone else’s job and that executing test cases or having a ‘stabilization sprint’ is enough to deliver quality software. And frequently even teams that understand the importance of quality struggle establishing a repeatable and robust process.

In this talk Pavel will go through the place of continuous automated testing in the modern software delivery. He’ll reason about building the quality into the software development and release processes and establishing early and short feedback loops. He’ll cover useful techniques and approaches of increasing the quality of the product. He’ll argue about making quality a first class citizen for agile teams and through that enabling fast application delivery.

pavel_chunyayev_spreker_ckc_seminarsPavel Chunyayev, Continuous Delivery Architect, Levi9 IT Services


Change rooms


Sessions A3 – B3 – C3 – Masterclass D3 MAKE YOUR CHOICE
Masterclass D3 from 14.20h – 16.20h. Pre registration: maximum of 25 persons

A3: Continuous Delivery 3.0 – The next step
Podium 8

Many companies are already busy with implementing Continuous Delivery. Often their approach is to automate the human workflows, but in doing this they leave out the opportunity to improve even more. In this talk we will discuss how you can look at the CD process and change the traditional way of thinking and use some new concepts and technology that can unleash a tremendous potential.

rene_van_osnabrugge_spreker_ckc_seminarsmarcel_de_vries_spreker_ckc_seminarsRené van Osnabrugge, Lead ALM Consultant, Xpirit Netherlands
Marcel de Vries, CTO,  Xpirit Netherlands

B3: Value Delivery at the speed of light – sponsored by Info Support
Podium 2

How to achieve an acceleration regarding time-to-market? How to deliver on time, added value and surpass customer expectations? Questions that occupies several minds on a daily basis, both within public and private organizations. Within this case study we will take you by the hand and lead you through improvements and lessons learned at RDW in cooperation with Info Support BV. For example:
–    Continuous Delivery using a standardized development infrastructure.
–    How to create a culture with Continuous Improvement listed high on priority.

wiebe_wiersema_spreker_ckc_seminarspeter_toonen_spreker_ckc_seminarsWiebe Wiersema, Architect, RDW
Peter Toonen, Architect, Info Support

C3: Inner Source: practices of open source used internally – sponsored by GitHub
Podium 9

In this session we will talk about how adopting open source principles helps organizations to improve code quality, ship earlier and more often, increase developer happiness and help to attract and retain talent.
We will first talk about what these principles are, then focus on how they can be beneficial to organizations and individual developers and finally we will discuss some next steps to adopt these principles.
Bas Peters is a Solutions Engineer at GitHub. He is passionate about software and enjoys helping people to understand the power and beauty of Git and GitHub.

bas_peters_spreker_ckc_seminarsBas Peters, Solutions Engineer, GitHub

Masterclass D3: Continuous Testing – maximum of 25 persons
Podium 10

Continuous Testing testing has become a vital part of the continuous delivery process.
During this masterclass we will examen the use of state of the art technologies for building a continuous testing infrastructure.  In a practical and hands-on setup we will go over the use of modern technologies to support testing in an agile and distributed world where Docker, Jenkins, API-testing, Service Virtualization and Cloud deployment are key.

rix_groenboom_spreker_ckc_seminarsRix Groenboom, Solution Architect, Parasoft
Ruben Wildeboer, Parasoft


Break at the exhibition


Sessions A4 – B4 – C4 – D4 MAKE YOUR CHOICE

A4: Feature Branching is evil to Continuous Delivery
Podium 8

Why is the community adopting feature branching ? Mostly I get the answer to isolate the work of developers and as such to make them more productive. But does it make the team and your software delivery process more productive ?
No, they break the early feedback cycle that Continuous Integration introduces and they create a lot of overhead.

thierry_de_pauw_spreker_ckc_seminarsThierry de Pauw, Agile Technical Coach, ThinkingLabs

B4: Meet the expert
Podium 2

1. Q/A session – 20 minutes
lothar_schulz_spreker_ckc_seminarsLothar Schulz, Continuous Delivery Team Lead, Zalando



2. Q/A session – 20 minutes
pavel_chunyayev_spreker_ckc_seminarsPavel Chunyayev, Continuous Delivery Architect, Levi9 IT Services

C4: The road to enable Continuous Delivery in one of the most regulated and critical industries in the world: the payment industry
Podium 9

What if your system need to handle thousands of transactions per second and if you have a second of downtime this will affect most of the biggest internet sites in world!! This is the environment where Ingenico E-Payments daily needs to cope with.
In this talk Gebrian will explain their journey to enable Continuous Delivery in their main application where they needed to refactor their 15 year old big monolithic application to a state of the art micro services platform. They will give an insight on the approaches they have chosen, challenges they faced and the road ahead.

gebrian_spreker_ckc_seminarsGebrian uit de Bulten, DevOps lead Gallia (Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg), Accenture


Change rooms


The Value of Application Delivery and DevOps for 2017
Podium 2

What once was considered a grassroots movement in the software world, Application Delivery & DevOps is now at the heart and soul of the largest and most innovative companies in the world. The transformative benefits of this practice are now critical for organizations to incorporate in order to scale and automate the lifeblood of the digital age – better software faster with greater quality and innovation.  Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), and Continuous Deployment (CDp) are now norms whether the team is small or large.  In this session, we will get to the core of why DevOps use cases that involve CI, CD, and CDp, are vital and how to prepare your team to adapt to these key trends.

w_pullen_spreker_ckc_seminarsWesley Pullen, General Manager and Vice President, Deployment Solutions, Electric Cloud


Closing by Chairman & drinks at the exhibition