Program Committee 2016

D. (Dave) Farley

Dave Farley is co-author of the Jolt-award winning book ‘Continuous Delivery’, a regular conference speaker and blogger, one of the authors of the Reactive Manifesto and former Head of Software development at LMAX Ltd, a company that are well known for the excellence of their code and the exemplary nature of their development process. Dave is a consultant software developer, and founder and director of Continuous Delivery Ltd.

A. (Arjen) Hiemstra

Arjen Hiemstra is Manager of the Continuous Delivery department at ING. After years in the network and security infrastructure field he shifted positions to further develop Continuous Delivery at ING a little over two years ago. He is responsible for the transition towards DevOps and delivering a global Continuous Delivery as a Service pipeline for Microsoft technology within ING. With his enthusiasm for technique and organizational change he aims to add value in ING’s transition to an Agile organization. Besides this day job Arjen enjoys developing hardware and software for the open source community.

C. (Claes) Jonsson

Claes Jonsson is a software and business consultant as well as a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience of writing and testing software, automating infrastructure and deployment, leading teams near and afar, coaching and mentoring developers, managers and C-level executives, as well as starting and running businesses. Working with the constraints of start-ups, it became apparent that constant and automated building, testing, deployment and monitoring was vitally important long before such practices were ever called Continuous Deployment. He is now fully committed to helping enterprises ushering in a new era of running businesses through insightful leadership, distribution of authority and responsibility as well as making decisions based on real data, intelligence and scientific experimentation and validation.

frank_simon_spreker_ckc_seminarsF. (Frank) Simon

Dr. Frank Simon did his PhD. in computer science. He worked for a big quality consulting company and headed an international research group to think about new consulting services. Today he works for BLUECARAT, he is vice president of the German Testing Board and leads the BITKOM steering committee „Software“. He has published a lot of books and articles about software engineering, i.e. how to make software development a systematic discipline.

P. (Peter) Smeenk

Twenty years ago Peter Smeenk achieved his Master’s degree in Computer Sciences at the University of Groningen. Thereafter he has gained extensive experience in all aspects of the software lifecycle (architecture, requirements, design, programming, testing, quality assurance, delivery, process improvement, project management and assurance) in all kind of companies in the Netherlands. Peter Smeenk started implementing Continuous Integration at the Justitïele Informatiedienst in 2010.