Speakers of the Continuous Delivery Conference

Chairman 2015: A. (Amir) Arooni

As a change, delivery and execution specialist in various banking,  telecommunications, transport and Operations &IT sectors, Amir has gained more than 20 years’ experience in all aspects of corporate management in complex and evolving environments.
Before starting to work for ING (2001), Amir worked for several multinational companies such as: KPN, TPG, Ernst & Young.
Amir Arooni is now Responsible for all technology development and maintenance for global Internet& mobile solutions and international payments services, security and customer data within ING  Commercial Banking worldwide.  He is member of Management Team ING CIO , is member of the CIO Platform in the Netherlands and holds a degree in Finance, IT, an MBA (Erasmus) and currently master in Consulting & Coaching for Change from Oxford/HEC university.

D. (Doc) List

Doc List has spent much of his thirty-five years in the software development community in leadership and coaching roles. Doc’s education in clinical and industrial/organizational psychology has contributed to his understanding of language and interaction between people. Roles as agile coach, facilitator, and trainer have brought the importance of language and interaction into finer focus, as has his blog at doclist.me. Doc’s experience as a leader, trainer, coach, presenter, facilitator, and professional speaker blends into an unusual appreciation for and mastery of the subtlety of spoken and written language, as well as the power of human interaction in various forms.

S. (Steve) Smith

Steve Smith is an Agile consultant and Continuous Delivery specialist at Always Agile Consulting Ltd. As an XP developer with 12+ years of experience Steve advocates practices such as Pair Programming, and as an early adopter of Continuous Delivery has overseen transformation programs in multiple organizations. Steve is a co-author of the book www.leanpub.com/buildqualityin, a co-organizer of the www.londoncd.org.uk meetup, a co-organiser of the www.pipelineconf.info conference, and a regular conference speaker. Steve blogs at www.alwaysagileconsulting.com/blog and tweets at @AgileSteveSmith.

Diego Lo Giudice

Diego primarily contributes to and advises on Forrester’s offerings for Application Development & Delivery Professionals. He partners with Forrester’s global application leaders and is a leading expert on SDLC processes and practices, covering topics such as Agile development, Agile and Lean transformations, Agile development sourcing strategies and services, Agile testing practices and tools, DevOps, software testing and quality, with a key focus on systems of engagement.

K. (Kristian) Karl

Kristian Karl has 20 years of experience in the testing business, and has during that time been given the chance to work in Telecom, Finance, Government and start-ups. Even though Kristian has done White Box Testing, Functional Testing, System and Integration Testing, Acceptance Testing, his heart beats strongest for Test Automation using Model-based Testing and Performance Testing.
He is founder of graphwalker.org. Kristian is Test manager at Spotify since 2010.

A.(Amy) Philips

Amy Phillips is Head of Test at Songkick, a Continuous Delivery-loving, London based startup. She’s spent the last 10 years testing for companies including Royal Mail, The Guardian, and Yahoo!
After experiencing the value that a well-managed agile team can bring to software delivery Amy became passionate about adapting testing and quality techniques to work within lean environments. She strives to help teams deliver quality, user-oriented products. You can find Amy on Twitter (@itjustbroke) or via testingthemind.wordpress.com.

A. (Arjen) Hiemstra

Arjen Hiemstra is Manager of the Continuous Delivery department at ING. After years in the network and security infrastructure field he started at ING  a little over a year ago. He is responsible for the transition of Group Services within ING  (mainly Oracle and COTS applications) towards Continuous Delivery. With his enthusiasm for technique and  organizational change he aims to add value in ING’s transition to an Agile organization. Besides this day job Arjen enjoys developing hardware and software for the open source community.

Marco_Kroonwijk_continuous_delivery_conferenceM. (Marco) Kroonwijk

Marco is a passionate IT-professional with 20+ years of broad experience in software development. He provides technical leadership in an Agile transition / working environment, with activities ranging from Agile coaching of multidisciplinary development teams and associated roles, to actually helping out with architectural design, best-practice development of innovative products and implementation of Continuous Delivery solutions.

Marco Kroonwijk, Technical Agile coach, Prowareness

lianping_chen_continuous_delivery_conference_progcomL. (Lianping) Chen

Lianping Chen has 11 years of experience in software development and research. On the development side, he has gained extensive experience in all aspects of software development (architecture, hands-on programming, project/team management, requirements, QA, delivery, process improvement, etc.) in both large multinationals and SMEs. On the research side, he has published 15+ peer-reviewed papers in leading international journals and conferences. These papers have been cited by 500+ other papers/books. Lianping has been implementing Continuous Delivery at Paddy Power, a large rapid growing bookmaking company, since the start of the journey in 2012.

Andrei_Ilchenko_continuous_delivery_conference_progcomA. (Andrei) ILchenko

Responsible for in-house software development in the Global Digital Channels part of ING Commercial Banking, Andrei ILchenko comes with more than 10 years of hands-on experience in setting up, running and evolving modern software development organizations with emphasis on Agile customer-centric software development and Automated testing and continuous delivery. With specialization in developing modern, secure, and scalable Web 2.0 and mobile applications for different domains including banking and social networks, Andrei has ensured that the development process of his past and present teams is grounded in sound automated testing and continuous delivery.

eelco_wehkamp_continuous_delivery_conference_progcomE. E. (Eelco) Middelburg

Eelco Middelburg is teamleader Platform Operations at Wehkamp. After years of working as a system and application engineer for several companies, he started to apply DevOps principles with his team. In the past few years Eelco, has been looking for the right people, processes and technologies to facilitate the Full Stack Development teams at Wehkamp. Nowadays,his team is responsible for a fully automated and scalable platform to enable CI/CD.

gerhard_wehkamp_continuous_delivery_conference_progcomG. T. (Gerhard) van der Bijl

Gerhard van der Bijl is responsible for all Frontend Technology at Wehkamp. His teams are working at the intersection of Business and Technology, and deliver the rapid and disruptive technology changes needed for Wehkamp. He is passionate to create Business Value at the Speed of Business, to outperform competitors and deliver marvelous Customer Experience.

Alexandre_Abi_Khaled_continuous_delivery_conference_progcomA. (Alexandre Abi) Khaled

Alexandre (Alex) Abi Khaled is Europe technical sales leader for DevOps and Hybrid Cloud at IBM. Alex works through the whole European territory to partner with clients across multiple industries, sales and technical sales teams in order to build DevOps solutions that address clients business and technical challenges. As a trusted advisor, he helps clients reach their objectives in speeding application delivery. https://nl.linkedin.com/in/alexabikhaled

Dennis_Eijkelenboom_continuous_delivery_conference_progcomD. (Dennis) Eijkelenboom

As Chief product owner, Dennis Eijkelenboom is responsible for the delivery of all infrastructure solutions for KPN Online and business intelligence. In this role he manages several Agile teams and a Systems team and is responsible for delivering the infrastructure solutions for the KPN.COM Webshops, Mobile Applications, Business Intelligence as well as the innovation and automation of the underlying private cloud platform. Dennis has more than 10 years experience in various project management and delivery roles in the Telecom industry.

bastiaan_bakker_continuous_delivery_conference_progcomB. (Bastiaan) Bakker

Bastiaan Bakker works as a senior architect for Xebia Nederland BV. In this role he helps organizations to implement Continuous Delivery Pipelines, coaches Agile Development teams and automates the underlying platform infrastructure. Bastiaan has more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry and a sound software engineering background. His specialization is to help Xebia customers to radically improve their Software Production Process and transform their organization toward an Agile/DevOps way of working.

jan_swaelens_continuous_delivery_conference_progcomJ. (Jan) Swaelens

Jan started working at Sofico as a developer more than 10 years ago, over the years he managed to grow into other roles such as designer, software architect and his current position as member of the solution management team. Working at Sofico allowed him to feed his passion for new technologies and innovation which have always been the motor behind his drive to push the envelope a little bit further.

Henk_Richmond_continuous_delivery_conference_progcomH. (Henk) Richmond

Henk Richmond is manager Software Development at PGGM, responsible for back- and frontend pension systems. IT is becoming the main enabler in the fast changing world of pensions. He is working with around 20 teams and the business in an integrated environment on becoming an agile enterprise. The distinctive aspect of his work is the initiation, facilitation and execution of organisational and technological changes. Before joining PGGM 6 years ago, Henk worked for Deloitte Consulting as senior manager IT strategy and program management.

nigel_harniman_continuous_delivery_conference_progcomN. (Nigel) Harniman

Nigel Harniman is a Senior Solution Architect at CloudBees. He believes that adopting Continuous Delivery is the best way for application delivery to be successful and that to achieve this the pipeline must be automated. Prior to CloudBees he has held a number of development and architecture roles across both software and infrastructure. He has been helping teams improve their agility through leading the implementation of automated infrastructure and deployment solutions since 2006.

A. (Arjen) de Ruiter

Arjen de Ruiter is manager for the platform teams at bol.com. These teams provide the technical platform that enables all bol.com devops teams to develop, deploy and run their software. The platform features delivered by these teams are for example infrastructure as a service, database as a service and a messaging service. His teams are also responsible for the continuous delivery platform and test automation solutions.

tim_noordhoek_continuous_delivery_conference_progcomT. (Tim) Noordhoek

Tim Noordhoek is CTO at hoyhoy.nl. He focuses on software delivery, deployment processes, architecture guidance and team building. Additionally, hoyhoy.nl must deal with information management, governance and regulations. An outstanding user experience is key for hoyhoy.nl. Currently, hoyhoy.nl is building a new proposition based on mobile and responsive multi-device solutions. As traffic and sales are shifting to mobile devices, hoyhoy.nl builds applications optimized for individual channels and devices to enable further growth. Tim leads this transition at hoyhoy.nl.

Thomas_Kruitbosch_continuous_delivery_conference_progcomT. (Thomas) Kruitbosch

Thomas Kruitbosch is specialized in Continuous Delivery and optimizing IT for fast adoption of new technologies and the delivery of innovative applications. With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Thomas has in-depth knowledge of both the development and operations domain, working on projects at mid-size and large companies in the Netherlands and internationally. He has worked extensively with enterprise Java, web and Linux based technologies. He operates on many levels from program level architecture to hands-on implementation of continuous delivery tools, applications and (cloud-based) platforms.

peter_mounce_continuous_delivery_conferenceP. (Peter) Mounce

Peter has worked in developer teams, an operations team, and been a generalist shipping software for JUST EAT since 2010 (with a few years doing that elsewhere first). He lived through cultural and technological change and played a role in effecting it. He had a pivotal role in migrating our platform from a datacentre to the AWS cloud – consequently, we now do tens of deployments a week compared to a tens a year. He has automated systems, tests, servers, and in some cases himself. He has touched many parts of the platform and delude himself that he does an OK job at that.

A. (Aaron) van Dam

Aaron van Dam has over 20 years’ experience in software development and management. He was an early adopter of Agile practices and XP in particular and has helped many teams in adopting Continuous Delivery to improve how they deliver to the business. He is currently the product owner of Application Lifecycle Management at Rabobank Wholesale, Rural and Retail.

S. (Sander) van Vliet

Sander van Vliet is the lead developer of the Market Risk team at Rabobank and has over 10 years’ experience in developing software, setting up build pipelines and implementing automated tests in various projects at the Dutch Pilots Organisation, Port of Rotterdam and Rabobank. As Thought Leader he is currently working on spreading the word and practices of continuous delivery throughout Rabobank.