Speakers Continuous Delivery Conference 2016

Keynote speakers


Chairman Dr. Frank Simon

Dr. Frank Simon, Head of Business Development and member of the Executive Board, BLUECARAT

Dr. Frank Simon did his PhD. in computer science. He worked for a big quality consulting company and headed an international research group to think about new consulting services. Today he works for BLUECARAT, he is vice president of the German Testing Board and leads the BITKOM steering committee „Software“. He has published a lot of books and articles about software engineering, i.e. how to make software development a systematic discipline.


Pavel Chunyayev

Pavel Chunyayev, Continuous Delivery Architect, Levi9 IT Services

Pavel Chunyayev is a Continuous Delivery Architect at Levi9 IT Services. Two years ago he moved to Amsterdam to continue working with Levi9’s customers to help them create and optimize the way they deliver their applications to production. He has a passion for software delivery processes and his dream is speaking Dutch fluently. Pavel is a regular speaker at local conferences and meetups, he is promoting ideas of continuous delivery, automated testing and improving release processes.


Wesley Pullen

Wesley Pullen, General Manager & Vice President of Deployment Solutions Business, Unit within Electric Cloud, Inc.

Wesley G. Pullen is a senior sales, technology innovation, and business strategy executive focused on IT automation for small, mid-sized, and start-up companies. He is a seasoned business and technical leader that works within executive management teams to help grow businesses above board expectations. He is currently the General Manager & Vice President of the Deployment Solutions business within Electric Cloud. This business unit is responsible for the Application Release Automation (ARA), Deployment Automation, and Pipeline and Release Management portfolio of solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in software development methodologies and design standards and has applied this experience to the commercial and private sector. His ability to take complex tasks and objectives and simplify them into actionable goals is unique. He has traveled to China, Singapore, Turkey, Austria, Israel, Germany, Ireland, London, Spain, Romania, Australia, and over 45 states within the continental USA teaching, mentoring, and advising leaders in management and executive management on business concepts and strategies around Business Automation, Application Release Automation (ARA), DevOps, Big Data and Cloud solutions.


Lothar Schulz

Lothar Schulz, Continuous Delivery Team Lead, Zalando

Lothar Schulz joined Zalando in 2013, focusing on purchasing and later on invoice verification subjects. Currently he leads the Continuous Delivery engineering team and is responsible for source code management systems, data center deployments and Continuous Integration and Delivery infrastructure. Lothar likes to contribute to open source code with container and JVM based technologies.

Speakers parallel program


Robbrecht van Amerongen

Robbrecht van Amerongen, Manager  Continuous Delivery Conclusion

Almost 2 decades experience in software automation and continuous delivery. Always keen to enable and utilize new technologies and methodologies to valuable products and services for his customers. Expertise on all aspects of software engineering; ranging from continuous delivery, provisioning, cloud computing and user experience.


Gebrian uit de Bulten

Gebrian uit de Bulten, Accenture DevOps lead Gallia (Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg)

Gebrian is responsible for Accenture’s DevOps capability in Gallia (France, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands) as well as being Accenture’s Agile Lead in the Netherlands. Gebrian has been developing, designing, coaching and leading some of the most complex IT transformations to Agile & DevOps. He is known for his continuous drive for improvements as well as his deep technical skills.
Within Ingenico, Gebrian is responsible for the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery program and is coaching Ingenico E-payments with their transition to the “new”.

Bas van Oudenaarde

Bas van Oudenaarde has 18 years of IT experience, helping customers implement DevOps principles and Continuous Delivery in consultancy / coaching roles. He has been a Jenkins addict for many years and uses Jenkins as central hub in many Continuous Delivery pipelines. Bas also uses Jenkins during client pipeline implementation boot camps and hackathons to demonstrate to other people the power of Jenkins.


Bert Hajee

Bert Hajee, COO, Conclusion Enterprise Modules

I’ve been working in IT for more than twenty-five years, mostly at the crossroads of technology, (project) management, software development, and IT infrastructure. Recently we started Conclusion Enterprise Modules. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality Puppet modules for all the Enterprise products. Thereby allowing them to exploit all advantages of Puppet not only for their base OS and open source products, but for their entire Enterprise Infrastructure.

mark_heistek_spreker_ckc_seminarsMark Heistek

Mark Heistek, Head of Delivery, Container Solutions

Mark has first-hand experience leading large organizations through the DevOps and Continuous Delivery transformation. As head of delivery of Container Solutions B.V. he provides the training and services companies need to successfully harness DevOps and Continuous Delivery as a self-organizing force that becomes part of a company’s product development culture.


Rouke de Jong

Rouke de Jong,  CI/CD Architect, Conclusion

Extensive experience with designing, building and operating large IT platforms, including implementing continuous integration and deployment structures. Designing and building development environments and setting up proper workflow management frameworks in collaboration with multiple stakeholders and operational support groups.


Dylan Krul

Dylan Krul, Lead Cloud Architect, Conclusion Mission Critical

As a senior IT architect experienced in government, corporate, high tech and IT service providers. Works with IT operations, proposes necessary improvements enabling ops to reclaim control DevOps style. Combined with the software architecture skills.  Hands-on experienced with a strong focus on technology to achieve maximum usability. Delivering solutions that fit the big picture within a long term vision.


Wouter Lagerweij

Wouter Lagerweij, Founder, make.io

Wouter Lagerweij is an Agile Coach and founder of make.io, the turn-key CD company.
He loves spending time with teams and organisations to figure out how to improve the way they make software, and make it more fun. To make that happen Wouter uses the knowledge and skills gathered in twenty years of experience applying Agile processes and practices from XP, Scrum, Kanban, Lean and Systems Thinking.
To turn those improvements into real business opportunities, Wouter has added Lean Startup/Lean Enterprise approaches. He’s even been known to, occasionally, use common sense.


Dr. Luca Mazzaferro

Luca Mazzaferro, DevOps Engineer, HolidayCheck AG

Luca Mazzaferro is DevOps engineer at HolidayCheck Solution, on the behalf of HolidayCheck, where he is supporting backend and frontend teams in a modern Agile environment. Former researcher in Physics, Ph.D. in 2014, he was member of important experiment such as ATLAS at CERN (Geneve).
In 2015 he left research for new challenges at Holidaycheck


René van Osnabrugge

René van Osnabrugge, Lead ALM Consultant,  Xpirit Netherlands

René is always looking for improvement on all fronts. By using modern technology, implementing Continuous delivery, DevOps practices and coaching in the domain of Scrum and Agile, he helps companies to improve their software delivery process. As a MVP in Visual Studio and Development Technologies he is an active blogger and speaker at both national and international conferences where he shares his knowledge of his passion: Application Lifecycle Management.


Thierry de Pauw

Thierry de Pauw, Agile Technical Coach, ThinkingLabs

Agile Technical Coach and Lean/XP Full Stack Software Engineer with a DevOps mindset.
I like to help teams in creating meaningful software, with a keen eye for code quality and software delivery process – from customer interaction to continuous delivery. Instead of balancing quality & delivery, I believe and practice that better quality is actually a way to more and better deliveries.
Whenever I am facing a problem I always search for the simple solution that fits in my head.

Stefan Simenon

Stefan Simenon, Head of Operational Vendor Control & COE Tooling & COE Software Development

Stefan Simenon Studied physics & information technology. He is currently working in IT at ABN AMRO since 1997 and has conducted following roles: Programmer, tester, designer, project management, service delivery management, global service delivery, service management, vendor management. Stefan has been Head of COE Tooling & COE Software Development since 2014 and is currently responsible for Tools, Software Quality and CICD.


Marcel de Vries

Marcel de Vries, CTO,  Xpirit Netherlands

Marcel spends most of his time looking at how new emerging technologies, a shift in mindset and a new way of working can help organizations get software in production faster. Helping organizations transform towards a high speed, innovative and productive organization has become his passion. You can find him speaking regularly at industry events around the world, e.g. Visual Studio Live, Tech Days, Dev Intersection and Techorama.


Kim van Wilgen MSc

Kim van Wilgen MSc, Head of IT, Klaverblad Verzekeringen

In her role as Head of IT at the well-known Dutch insurance company Klaverblad Verzekeringen, Kim van Wilgen is responsible for all software development and operations. Although a nerd at heart, she also has over a decade of experience in product development and comparable managerial roles on the other side: the business. She can still speak the language of the product owners and the users to understand the gap we quite frequently need to bridge. Kim van Wilgen is passionate about topics such as agile, Kanban, DevOps and continuous delivery, and the management of the cultural, organizational, team and technological changes associated with these approaches.