On December 1st, during the Continuous Delivery Conference, Robbrecht van Amerongen and his colleagues from Conclusion will give a talk about Continuous Delivery in a Large chained Enterprise Environment  (using Puppet, Jenkins, Rspec).

Continuous Delivery in large-scale enterprise environment is often limited and locally. You have to operate complex suites like IBM and Oracle and process high impact changes affecting multiple departments / organizations. We will showcase an event driven continuous delivery pipeline and explain how we handle code changes and on demand platform configurations over several products and application chains.  This is based on the implementation for NS Travelers.  For this, we use a combination of Jenkins, Selenium, RSPEC, Puppet aimed at Weblogic, Oracle DB, RedHat linux 5,6 and 7.  Ideal for architects, devops engineers and application change managers.

About Robbrecht van Amerongen, Manager Continuous Delivery at Conclusion

Robbrecht has almost 2 decades experience in software automation and continuous delivery. He is always keen to enable and utilize new technologies and methodologies to valuable products and services for his customers. He also has expertise on all aspects of software engineering; ranging from continuous delivery, provisioning, cloud computing and user experience.

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