During the Continuous Delivery Conference, Luca Mazzaferro, DevOps Engineer at HolidayCheck will give you a little peek inside with his talk about Continuous Delivery in a Micro Services environment.

Continuous Delivery is today the cornerstone of excellent customer experience. In this talk it will be discussed how, at HolidayCheck, a synergy of technical and organizational solutions enabled Continuous Delivery in a live micro services environment.

Key topics:

  •     Micro services and DevOps culture to enforce team responsibilities and speed up development    cycle;
  •     Continuous Monitoring and alerting: tools and strategies, to ensure availability,
  •     Reliability and high performances


About Luca Mazzaferro

Luca Mazzaferro is DevOps engineer at HolidayCheck Solution, on the behalf of HolidayCheck, where he is supporting backend and frontend teams in a modern Agile environment. Former researcher in Physics, Ph.D. in 2014, he was member of important experiment such as ATLAS at CERN (Geneve). In 2015 he left research for new challenges at HolidayCheck.


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