We’re excited to announce the opening keynote Doc List at the Continuous Delivery Conference on December 8th! Doc List is Senior Director of Coaching, Training, and Transformation at Agile Velocity in Austin, Texas, USA
His talk will focus on Communication; a key to your Continuous Delivery journey.
All successful organizations are built on, and by, people. People who learn to work together, communicate effectively, and deal with challenges and conflict. Continuous Delivery requires that people work effectively together to develop a flow and a rhythm in delivery. What are the tools that enable them to surpass other organizations? What are the changes in their thinking – their mindset – that powers high-performance? Having the best plans, tools, and processes won’t serve unless the people learn how to be effective in collaboration, communication, and dealing with conflict. In Doc’s keynote, you will learn some key tools for communication and collaboration that will take you and your organization to the next level.