During the Continuous Delivery Conference on December 1st 2016, Klaverblad Verzekeringen will share it’s vision about a travel guide to Continuous Delivery.

With agile principles and practices reaching maturity, in many organizations the focus for the coming years will be on the next steps. Beyond agile. In fast pace organizations are adopting agile, DevOps, continuous delivery and new architectures such as microservices. Often all at once. Although from a perspective of similarities between these paradigms this makes sense, this also requires for increased collaboration between business, development and operations. During this session, Kim van Wilgen, head of IT at the Dutch insurance company Klaverblad, will give practical insights on their journey to continuous delivery with real-life pictures and stories. She’ll be your guide through the journey to continuous delivery and tell you about the things to do or to avoid. How can organizations deal with the complexity of simultaneously changing architectures, ways of working, technology, and foremost culture? How do we make this journey comfortable and safe? How can we make the business case for continuous delivery? How can we deliver continuous delivery?

About Kim van Wilgen

In her role as Head of IT at the well-known Dutch insurance company Klaverblad Verzekeringen, Kim van Wilgen is responsible for all software development and operations. Although a nerd at heart, she also has over a decade of experience in product development and comparable managerial roles on the other side: the business. She can still speak the language of the product owners and the users to understand the gap we quite frequently need to bridge. Kim van Wilgen is passionate about topics such as agile, Kanban, DevOps and continuous delivery, and the management of the cultural, organizational, team and technological changes associated with these approaches.

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The Continuous Delivery Conference is initialized to address the many changes that impact how we produce and deliver quality software today. This Conference is set up to help visitors understand where the industry is heading, more effectively achieve the key goals of modern development, and recognize (and overcome) the core challenges they might face along the way.